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catch sushi nycnomad_1500    Yuma, Arizona
I know my bio here is kind of long. But that way you can tell IF you want to keep the conversation going with me or not. We both value our time, so that seems like the right approach. Not looking for
100 free cougar datingscotfree1    Flagstaff, Arizona
Ok.I'm a freelance Journalist and also work at a Golf club. I travel quite a bit covering different events, which is great fun. I do love a good journey now and again!
find a sugar mammanonebutyou    Orlando, Florida
I love to dance and a lot of other stuff I don't care you what you look like what matters is what is in the inside of the person that really counts I have had a lot of bad dates 4 wheeling Huntin
sugar momma for sugar baby femaletashu    Glassport, Pennsylvania
So as my title says I'm here short term. So not looking to date in a maybe we will be married next year sorta way. I prefer women older than myself.

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